No Good Deed

By Ewan Lawrie

Moffat the Magniloquent along the Mississippi

Thursday, 2 May 2019



[I made this using a free online site]

No Good Deed's campaign has reached 82%. Hoorah! Now, how to get it to the magic 100%?

If it were possible I'd send out this update to all 116 backers. However, you know and I know that, well, after a while there are only so many e-mails from Unbound anyone can stand, so this may go straight to the bin/garbage/trash or whatever folder you have for such things in your e-mail client. Anyway, for those of you kind enough to allow the e-mail alerting you to the existence of this update can I please ask you to

A) Reply by e-mail
B) Tell your friends


When (but please not if) the sequel to Gibbous House No Good Deed reaches its target, there will be a prize draw in which all pledgers will be entered. Even better, I invite you all to suggest what the prize might be, subject to the following conditions

  • i) if it is something you want the author to do for you, it must be legal and possible.
  • ii) if it involves drink, the author will purchase libations for the lucky winner to the value of £100 at a time and place of the author's choosing.
  • iii) if it involves No Good Deed merchandising (Mugs, Playing Cards, Clothing etc.) it shall have a limit of cost to the author of £100 including p&p.

How's that for participating in the project then?
I look forward to hearing from you all (I mean both)

P.S. You could always leave a comment below instead, of course.

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