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Monday, 18 September 2017

Hello again millenials, friends of millenials, and people who are a bit confused by millenials! I’m writing this little update off the back of a wonderful event at Edinburgh’s Lighthouse Books. Chaired and organised by contributor Chiara Bullen, the evening included readings from contributors Becca Inglis, Jonatha Kottler, Christina Neuwirth, Cinzia DuBois, Eris Young and Bullen herself, followed by a Q & A. I love that we included this ‘wild card’ as part of the event, because part of the great thing about Unbound and the crowdfunding model is creating that close connection between author and reader. And the audience did not disappoint. We were asked some incisive, funny questions that challenged us to think on our feet, and gave us new directions to take the discussion in. They were all about millenials as a product of our time period, the cyclical nature and pushback of history, and the importance of access, reflecting a diverse lineup of authors with the same makeup of readership. If these people are our potential readers, things are looking up!

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