No Filter

By Hilary Bell (editor)

A collection of essays on what it means to be a Millennial.

Friday, 28 July 2017

100 pledges!

Hello lovely pledgers!

As our first update, we'd just like to say THANK YOU. Thank you very much for supporting No Filter. You are among the most special of people - the first 100 people to pledge for the book. (That's correct, this week we've hit 100 funders - how amazing is that?!)

Thank you for your support. You've helped us get one step closer to publishing this book. 

As a little thank you, here's a sneak peek of a mockup of the cover that Eris and Jamie, two of our extremely talented authors, have made. (We're very impressed with it.)

If you'd like to hang out with us in person, Hilary, Yasmin and Lynsey will be at a Pledge Party in London on 10th August at 7.30pm. It's at the Beer Kitchen in Nunhead, and we'll be pitching our book, along with a few other Unbound authors. There will be beer and books (what's not to like?). 

The Facebook event is here. As a supporter of the book, please do share it with anyone who you think will be interested.

Thanks, team!

Hilary and the No Filter team 

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