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A collection of essays on what it means to be a Millennial.

Millennials are lazy.

They don’t vote.

They spend their money on lattes and avocados instead of saving for a house.

They want unrealistic careers.

They are entitled.

With this thinking being perpetuated more and more every day, there’s a real risk of issues close to the younger generation being ignored. In fact, MPs recently issued a report on millennials, producing a handbook for their 650 members on a generation which they say is ‘much talked about and arguably misunderstood’. The average age of parliament members is 50.

Right now, millennial voices aren’t being represented, and we need to change that – in order to change any of the issues affecting the young people today.

Hang on – what is a millennial?

There’s a lot of disagreement on who classes as a millennial. They are typically born between 1982 and 1996, give or take a few years depending on who’s deciding. But what people can agree with is that millennials are extremely interesting. There are reams of newspaper and magazine articles discussing their lifestyle choices, the problems they face, but most often, what they’re doing wrong.

No Filter is a book of millennial voices. It’s about housing benefits, working class students, mental health, sexuality, and immigration – amongst many other topics.

Our contributors are diverse and award-winning. Their work has been published in a range of places: BBC; Red Magazine; Vice; Nasty Women (404ink); The Guardian; The Telegraph; The Independent; The Huffington Post; The Dangerous Women Project; The Cut; Gutter – amongst many other news sites and books.

The contributors are:

Claire Askew, Nicola Balkind, Chiara Bullen, Cinzia DuBois, Joe France, Becca Inglis, Jonatha Kottler, Juliet Kushaba, Yasmin Lajoie, Eve Livingston, Lynsey Martenstyn, Kasim Mohammed, Christina Neuwirth, Jamie Norman, Xandra Robinson-Burns, Dominic Stevenson and Eris Young

and a few more to be revealed!

Why do we need a book about millennials?

Millennials are often spoken for: Millennials are killing chain restaurants. Millennials are obsessed with self-care and safe spaces. They’re even choosing their holidays based on “instagrammability”. This book is a space for millennials to re-claim their stories and challenge stereotypes.

We’re reclaiming this pejorative term, and we’re reclaiming it with your help.

With Unbound, we’re crowdfunding make No Filter happen and when you pledge, you’re pre-ordering the book – and some pretty fantastic extras. We need your support to make No Filter go ahead.

Hilary Bell is an editor and writer from Sheffield, South Yorkshire. She has written for many publications, including The Telegraph, Scottish Review of Books and The Fountain.
After living in Edinburgh for 6 years, she has recently moved to London and works in publishing.
You can find her tweeting at @Hilary_Alison.

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Friday, 28 July 2017

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Hello lovely pledgers!

As our first update, we'd just like to say THANK YOU. Thank you very much for supporting No Filter. You are among the most special of people - the first 100 people to pledge for the book. (That's correct, this week we've hit 100 funders - how amazing is that?!)

Thank you for your support. You've helped us get one step closer to publishing this book. 

As a little thank…

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