Night Time Cool

By Jamie Paradise

Detective Frederick Street loves his son Elvis: Elvis detests his dad: each wants to shake the other down over a bent cocaine deal involving porn impresario, Wade Long, and Shoreditch spiv, James Maroon.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

NTC through editorial - cover design in final rounds


Will keep this snappy-ish.


NTC is proofed now, which means the text is the text as to be published. And regarding the cover, we have whittled it down from the 4 Unbound's art director created to 1 - of which 3 versions were done, and this is where its at.

Have had nothing but a supremely brill experience with editorial and cover design - Unbound are a class outfit, I wouldn't hesistate to go with them again. On which note, I'm about to finish the third in the Dreams of Sun series. After NTC (set Xmas 2015), is Big City Amor, which was done last year and is set in Soho and Ibiza in summer 2016, and the prequel to both of these, The Sound of The Night (January 2015), set in Soho, Edgware and other bits of central Smoke, is, probably, about 2/3/5K from finishing: just at the last few chapters.

Then, time to start on No4, which will be the fourth, chronologically, taking place summer 2018, and it to be set in Ibiza.

As always - massive thanks and LOVE for backing me and buying NTC - not long now.

But, remember: after perusing Night Time Cool you'll need REHAB.





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