Night Time Cool

By Jamie Paradise

Detective Frederick Street loves his son Elvis: Elvis detests his dad: each wants to shake the other down over a bent cocaine deal involving porn impresario, Wade Long, and Shoreditch spiv, James Maroon.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Night Time Cool publication date - 31 July



Just to say the novel is out 31 July - there's a launch at Deansgate Waterstones on 4 September, 6-8pm - come along if you fancy, you are ALL invited, obviously - plus there's another do pencilled in for east London, Shoreditch way, main locale of Night Time Cool, at some point.



As always, thanks so much for buying the book and getting it published - hope you enjoy.


Cheers and much love and remember: NTC: you'll need rehab post-perusing XXX

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