Night Time Cool

By Jamie Paradise

Detective Frederick Street loves his son Elvis: Elvis detests his dad: each wants to shake the other down over a bent cocaine deal involving porn impresario, Wade Long, and Shoreditch spiv, James Maroon.

Thursday, 12 January 2023

Meet Nancy Kools of Adventures in Love - by Jamie Jackson

Jamie Paradise is on a four month bender in the off-season drinking palaces of Ibiza, so Jamie Jackson continues to offer the skinny on his new novel, Adventures in Love. Below the cooler-than-kool Nancy K gets the potted and poetic biog treatment...                                                                       


                                                                                   Nancy Kools 


she’s 17

DJs acid house parties

blackburn warehouses

she’s the music girl 

of Lancaster and Morecambe 




The Sugarhouse

The Carleton where she swoons for Joey Miller who

barkers Es and looks

at Nancy in a daze.

she has tunes to move ya 

and is playing the last


illegal rave in Gildersome

where 836 kids get arrested, 21 July ‘90


where her and Joey are hunted down by those they ripped 1000 dancing pills off.

who KNOWS what they MIGHT do WITH those...


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