Jamie Paradise spraffs Night Time Cool on national radio

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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Hello, hello, HELLO!!!

In 4.3 weeks the novel is now at 72% and 189 lovely people supporting it: THANKS FOREVER - everytime I think of how beautiful people are being its like a being on the front-end of A NIGHT TIME COOL BENDER.


Attached is JP having a chat on national radio last Thursday - take a listen: it might just change your life forever. 

If - and only if - you fancy should you come across a tweet/Facebook post of mine and fancy sharing that would be very kind.


Loads of love and, again, THANKS SO SO SO MUCH for the support.

Messy Xmas - hope the festive cheer teems like it does up/down/all around the Fredster's nasal canals...



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