Night Time Cool

By Jamie Paradise

Detective Frederick Street loves his son Elvis: Elvis detests his dad: each wants to shake the other down over a bent cocaine deal involving porn impresario, Wade Long, and Shoreditch spiv, James Maroon.

Crime | Fiction
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Publication date: Summer 2018

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"A rip-roaring debut… Audacious writing puts a thrilling gloss on a conventional crime tale" The Observer

The sound of the choir hit large. A hundred voices sang Silent Night larger. The tone. The tenor. It floated from Shoreditch Church nave into the vestibule. It was groovy and yuletide-rich. It was orchestral. It pumped senses and sent the world majestic. It had Santa Claus in town and the ages continuing. It was people rejoicing. It was possibility.


Xmas, East London, 2015

Bent Met police detective DI Frederick Street rules as the wild west sheriff of Shoreditch who loves shaking down street goons he arrests.

Elvis Street is the son who cannot stand his father for being the balls-out crook he caught in bed with his girl.

Elvis wants to take Frederick down and expose and end him forever.

So: Elvis sets up a fake coke deal with pusher, Richard ‘Ricardo’ ‘Ricky Me’ Cliff, for Frederick to bust and rip-off which he plans to secretly record and expose via the media. But Frederick, who is contending with coming spiv, James Maroon, and Soho porno impresario, Wade Long, discovers the plan, and lets Elvis know loud and clear that, in classic Fredster-style he has.

Neither father or son pulls out.

Night Time Cool is the story of WHY.

"Sounds fucking shit." - Noel Gallagher


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