News from the Clouds

By Robert Llewellyn

Time-travelling Gavin Meckler reaches his third and final alternative future

Friday, 31 October 2014

There are Clouds on the Horizon

I admit it's been very quiet in the News from the Clouds universe, but behind the scenes there's been much activity.

I've finished recording the audio version, we've combed through the manuscript many times, spelling, grammar and 'who the hell is Jim?' questions have been answered. I have no idea who Jim was, for some baffling reason one character who'd never been called Jim was suddenly Jim on page 236.

I put it down to an anomalie casued by space/time dilation, or possibly a mistake made by a sad old bloke, me.

I've just been sent the cover designs and they're gorgeous. The only worrying part is the text which reads strap line goes here.

I don't have a strap line yet.

For those of you unfamilair with such terms, a strap line is the one line explanation beneath the title.

In News from Gardenia is was A world where we finally get things right.

In News from the Squares it was A world entirely run by women.

So, I will now fret and worry about the strap line for News from the Clouds.

I would like to once again thank all the people who have supported this book and shown enormous patience with it's slow progress through the now collosal Unbound corporate mill.

I remember when Unbound was just a scruffy handful of authors and ex-publishers trying to shake up the world of books. They are now a multi-national corporation run by sleek suited lawyers and brutal flinty PR people.

I jest of course, it's still a bunch of scruffy authors and they are all lovely.

The finished book will zoosh its way to you in Spring 2015 and I am confident now, after spending so much time with it, that you will enjoy it. It's been an absolute joy writing this trilogy and I can't wait to hear what you think of the final book.


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Philip Boot
 Philip Boot says:

How about
'A silver lining?'
For the strap line.
Just an idea.

posted 31st October 2014

Lawrence Pretty
 Lawrence Pretty says:

Going by the promo video how about the strap line "a world at the extreme"

posted 2nd November 2014

Jon Kryten Breen
 Jon Kryten Breen says:

A world above the rest...

posted 19th December 2014

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