News from the Clouds

By Robert Llewellyn

Time-travelling Gavin Meckler reaches his third and final alternative future

Monday, 11 May 2015

News from the Clouds #askllew on Twitter and Periscope

I have been a very bad Unbound Author, not posting things in my shed. I am experiencing guilt.

I am trying to rectify the situation now.

The cover looks gorgeous doesn't it. I was so thrilled when I saw the first drafts. Brilliant design.

But what about what's inside the cover?

Due to the fact that many people have already received thier copies it's also very rewarding to hear their responses. I think it's fair to say the result has been overwhelmingly positive.

It's the final book and it does have an ending, I won't spoil it if you haven't read it yet, but there is an ending.

So, this Thursday afternoon (which is the same day that Clouds hits the shops) I am conducting an experiment with Twitter. I will be at their London offices answering questions as fast as I can on Twitter, (they are using me as a guinea pig to see how I use their software) but I will also being using the live video streaming app 'persicope' (

You can watch and fully interact with an iPhone or you can watch on Android phones or a browser. I've been told there is an Android version coming soon.

I've used it before and it's extraordinary, people ask questions and I can answer them by talking not typing. I have been told on many occasions that I can 'talk under wet cement' so I find this is a much easier way of answering questions.

I hope you can join me. I will be announcing exact times on the Twitters using the hashtag #askllew. Or you can add a question in the comments section below too. 

Just in case, I'm @bobbyllew on the Twitters

Would love to hear what you think of News from the Clouds if you've read it, but remember, no spoilers!

In the meantime, leave a question here if you've got one and I promise, this time I really will answer it.










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Kevin Pascoe
 Kevin Pascoe says:

Any plans for some follow up stories that would look at the effects of Gavin's appearence in their timelines. Not finished 3rd book yet. Will try to by Thursday


Kevin Pascoe

posted 11th May 2015

Jack Hughes
 Jack Hughes says:

I've read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of the series. I think my favourite in the series was probably "News from the Squares".

Thanks Robert. :)

posted 11th May 2015

Robert Llewellyn
 Robert Llewellyn says:

Kevin Pascoe, thanks for that question. I certainly haven't considered writing a follow up sequal to News from the Clouds yet, but of course, your suggestion has got me thinking. Damn. Sounds like a rather good idea

posted 11th May 2015

Jay Abbott
 Jay Abbott says:

I have a question, but it might be a bit big for the likes of Twitter...

I'd like to know what research you did into economic systems, who you spoke to, what their views were, what other influences you had, and how you amalgamated all that into the various economic models that were present in the books?

Also, although the economic models weren't central to the stories, I got the feeling that there was some serious thought behind why they would be that way, is thinking about this something that interests you?

Look forward to seeing you at the party, and lunch. :)

posted 11th May 2015

Hank van der Wijngaart
 Hank van der Wijngaart says:

Hi Rob, looking forward to the next Red Dwarf adventure but my question is if you are considering any other novels in the near future?

posted 18th May 2015

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