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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I never quite imagined what launching a book on Unbound would be like. I admit I did have the odd fantasy about solo publishing, kind of following the route I've been trying with online video, narrowcasting, microcasting as opposed to Broadcasting.

I thought I'd have to wait weeks to get a response, I met with Terry Jones a couple fo times around the time he was launching his Unbound book and I kept my hopes in check. I mean, Terry Jones, he's a legend, he directed Life of Brian, he was in Monty Python for goodness sake.

However, I am utterly blown away by the response, this elation is of course mixed with massive anxiety that the book will live up to the micro-hype. 

I thankfully have a bit of extra time to polish before I start recording Red Dwarf X. Fingers crossed and if you have, thank you so much for supporting my efforts

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anonymous requested account delete
anonymous requested account delete says:

Robert, don't worry - just do your thing, write the way you do, and it'll be alright. That's why you get the support you get - because people like what you do. x

But I do understand the constant 'Will I be good enough' and that it doesn't matter what others say :) Just keep those thoughts on a healthy level, ok? ;)

November 16, 2011

Ian Yates
Ian Yates says:

Looking forward to reading the book, I love the concept of the book as well as the Unbound method of publishing it.

I saw this the other day which might help with the nerves

November 16, 2011

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas says:

Looking forward to it Robert. I hope to be able to add to my original "donation" along the way too.

November 16, 2011

Richard Curtis
Richard Curtis says:

I always thought I should write a book, a lot of people on set mentioned what a gobshite I was, but alas, quantity is no substitute for quality. Thankfully Roberto, your output is the real deal, erudite, concise, and a joy to read, so although a vote of confidence from me might actually make you worry more, don't worry, it's the start of a new publishing phenomenon, with you at the helm in a 2CV.

November 16, 2011

Michael Pennick
Michael Pennick says:

What a smashing idea! I'm really looking forward to this Robert... I don't think I've read a book that I didn't "have to" since I was in college!

November 18, 2011

Rebecca mason
Rebecca mason says:

I know it will, try not to worry. We will all love it :))

Besides I'm really into the environment incentives in the uk now and this idea fills me full of excitement, like a kid at christmas xxx

November 18, 2011

Mark Richards
Mark Richards says:

If it is half as memorable as your previous work, then it will be superb.
I think on a daily basis how I will change my stack (very small stack) of used £20 notes before we join the Euro. Amazingly the solution is to just do it one at a time, taken me a while, but the recession and of course the fact that the Euro may never land of these shores now, makes the task much simpler.

Looking forward to reading your version of the future, especially given Kryten wont be appearing, or will he?

Can't wait.

November 19, 2011

karen wells
karen wells says:

I am sure the book will be fantastic , can't wait to read it and try not to worry to much x

November 25, 2011

Lynn Rowlands
Lynn Rowlands says:

Speaking for myself, my only expectations are:

1. To read a book with an intriguing premise. (check!)

2. To read a book by of my favorite authors. (check!)

3. To have a peaceful Sunday afternoon to read said book. (Which, you have no control over unless you want to send sedatives for my husband and my dogs).

Until this past summer, I didn’t even know you were an author! Since August, I have read four of your books. I’m half-way through the fifth. Actually, I read one of them twice so count that however you like. I have one more on my bookshelf, and I can’t wait to read “News From Gardenia”! I’m addicted, what can I say?

Your books are always an honest, insightful, witty journey into the human psyche! Thank you so much for taking a "leap of faith" and allowing us to tag along.

By the way – care to guess how many times I re-wrote this post? Don’t worry, we get it. You aren’t alone. Keep the faith – it’s all going to be wonderful.

November 26, 2011

Gordon Hudson
Gordon Hudson says:

Robert, I loved the idea of the book. As a building engineer, I often wonder what we would build if energy was cheap materials were bountyful and non polluting, if you look back into the past you can see what was built when whenever that was the case. What are the buildings like in your vision ?

December 04, 2011

Petre Rodan
Petre Rodan says:

Hi Robert,

first of all congrats on your new book and on the high impact it got in a very short time span. it's almost at 90% and it got there in one month. yay.

I do have one question tho. could you please announce the get-togethers with at least a weeks notice? Starbugs are in short supply here in eastern Europe :)

December 15, 2011

Michael Auerbach
Michael Auerbach says:

Good luck Robert, really looking forward to the result!

December 17, 2011

Paul James Hatton
Paul James Hatton says:

You have done a great job all round getting this book to print, your funding shows the faith everyone has in you. You can bet I will enjoy this trilogy regardless, can't wait! good luck with your new r.d stuff its bin tooooo loooonggg :-p

April 02, 2015

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