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Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Something New...

Dear Friend & Reader,

As one of the people that originally supported me all the way back in 2011, I wanted you to be first know about my new project.

It's a novel - my first in eight years (gulp!). Rather different from the News series - its called The Ghost Camera.

I am almost impolitely excited about launching it and can't wait to get feedback: it's been an obsession of mine since the idea struck me on a long walk during lockdown in 2020.

I hesitated about launching it on Unbound, but  now It's starting on its exciting journey towards being an actual book, I am thrilled to bits.

If you decide to support the book I will be in two mental states. Extremely grateful and of course slightly anxious, but after reading through about half of what I've written over the weekend, that anxiety is giving way to excitement and enthusiasm.

There's even an Early Adopter discount. Use the code GHOST10 at checkout to get 10% off your pledge.*

More soon


* Valid on pledges under £100. One use per customer. Valid until midnight BST, Sunday 20th August 2023.

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Trevor Williams
 Trevor Williams says:

Hello Robert.
Good to hear you’re penning a new novel. Is there an opportunity to get a signed copy?
many thanks Trev.

posted 15th August 2023

John Mitchinson
 John Mitchinson says:

Hi Trev - yes, you can pledge for a signed copy on the link above.

posted 16th August 2023

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