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News from Gardenia

A sci-fi novel by the star of Red Dwarf set 200 years in the future by Robert Llewellyn

Review for News from Gardenia

This is not Robert Llewellyns first book, but, I'd strongly argue that it's his best to date. Gavin Meckler is flying to a business meeting, when he encounters a strange cloud somewhere over Didcot. He lands in a nearby field only to find himself in the future, but this is no ordinary future, this is a future where mankind has made all the right choices, a "non-dystopian world", one not hovering on the brink of disaster, devoid of zombies and overlording aliens and Gavin Meckler has a lot to learn, about this new world and about himself. Now I'll admit the future described isn't very likely - but - it is entirely possible, we just need to make the right choices. Start by making the choice to buy this book :)