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A sci-fi novel by the star of Red Dwarf set 200 years in the future

Cities crumbling, zombies attacking, tsunamis engulfing, brutal regimes or killer machines crushing the human race to dust. Dystopia has now become so pervasive it’s almost engulfed the entire science fiction genre.

I felt driven to search for an alternative to the tiresome predictions of everything getting much worse; I wanted to imagine a world where everything has got much better.

A world where we eventually get it right, where we don’t oppress each other, where we don’t burn anything to make anything else, we don’t rip the planet to shreds to maintain our way of life and we don’t need to rely on endless growth to achieve contentment.

News From Gardenia will be a science fiction novel; a man called Gavin Meckler who was born in 1979 arrives 200 years into the future where he discovers a world that is recognisable and yet utterly different. It’s a place where it’s possible to travel from one side of the world to the other in a matter of minutes without burning fuel, but it’s also a place where everyone is a gardener because that’s how they can be sure to eat.

It is at once extraordinary and mundane. It is not finished, it is, as in any period of history, a world which is constantly changing, but the changes are sustainable, gentle and by default put people first.

As Gavin learns about this new world and the society he eventually becomes a part of, he also begins to learn about himself.

Everything in News from Gardenia could happen, there is no technology in Gardenia that hasn’t already seen the light of day. In the current turmoil it could be argued that such optimism could only be suggested by a fool, indeed, such benign developments may not be very likely, but we may need to be reminded that they are entirely possible.

I wrote my first novel at the age of 12. By the time I’d published The Man on Platform 5, my first grown-up work of fiction, 30 years had passed. In the intervening period I’d worked as an artist’s model, a bespoke shoemaker, a tree surgeon, a screenwriter, a comedian, actor and TV presenter.

I’ve appeared on British television regularly since 1987 in various guises including under quite absurd amounts of rubber in Red Dwarf, covered in grease and dust in Scrapheap Challenge, in terrifying machines on How Do They Do It? and sitting in a car chatting in Carpool.

I write under a rack of solar panels in Gloucestershire and News From Gardenia is my fifth work of fiction.

I undid my seat belt, opened the canopy and clambered out of the plane. The first thing that struck me was the silence. Not some spooky man-made laboratory silence, but the complete lack of the rumble. I realized that it was a sound, or lack of sound I’d only heard once before when I was in a mountainous region of Norway.


News from the Clouds

Thursday, 22 May 2014

As supporters of the 1st book in the News from trilogy, I thought it only fair to give a taste of the final book, News from the Clouds.

As most of you will know, the story of Gavin Meckler's journey into the future ended rather abruptly in News from Gardenia, the story is then continued in News from the Squares and it is all tied up and explained in the final book.

At the end of News from the…

What a lovely surprise

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I never quite imagined what launching a book on Unbound would be like. I admit I did have the odd fantasy about solo publishing, kind of following the route I've been trying with online video, narrowcasting, microcasting as opposed to Broadcasting.

I thought I'd have to wait weeks to get a response, I met with Terry Jones a couple fo times around the time he was launching his Unbound book and I…

Rohan Chadwick
Rohan Chadwick asked:

Just wondering why one can buy a copy of this as part of the trilogy bundle, but not on it's own? I'm feeling geeky and am interested in a matching copy for my trilogy, as the first edition cover is in a completely different style to the other two books! Cheers :)

Unbound replied:

Hi Rohan,

We've completely sold out out of the hardback special editions of News From Gardenia, which is why it's not available to buy from Unbound. Sorry about that.

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Kenn Roessler
Kenn Roessler asked:

I read this article recently and it really reminded me of the global transportation system featured in the News from Gardenia book. Enjoy:

Robert Llewellyn
Robert Llewellyn replied:

I saw that too. I can't often claim to be prescient but I'm going to now :-)

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