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By Matt Jordan

Politics and culture, naïvete and cynicism among ’80s radicals, ’90s Blairites and beyond, from Manchester to London to the verges of Putin's Russia

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

A fortnight into our 3 months...

Hi All

Quite a good start, I think. After 3 months I need 150 backers and £4,000, and we've already got 55 backers and over £1,000. I think I read somewhere that successful projects tend to be 20% of the way there after the first month. Well, half that time and just over a third of the backers and 25% of the requisite.

Still, 150 backers is a BIG ask - much harder than getting 150 buyers of the published book, I should think - so PLEASE, as and when you can, share my page with your various Social Media friends and followers.

In case you're interested in a preview, you can access Chapter 1 under the heading "Excerpts."

Thanks again, and best love!!


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