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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Release date! Book tour! AAAAHHHH


It feels like I started writing my silly little book about video games about two hundred years ago. Sadly, video games didn't exist then and a book about rocking horses got old quickly. 

Still, I persevered and I'm happy to announce that we officially release Fuck Yeah, Video Games in stores on the 19th September 2019! 

(Actually shops kindof ignore proper release dates and stock them when they get them so it might appear a little earlier that week!)

(Also, the US release date for stores is October... somethingth)

If you're reading this then chances are that you are waiting for a pre-order to arrive. At the literal time of writing I'm on a train to go and sign thousands of them, pack them into boxes and fling them at you! You should have them at the very start of next week! If you're outside of the UK, you'll get them sent out at the same time! No need to wait for the store release date! Sorry that it's a little closer to release than planned, but I'm awful at everything and hit every deadline like a dead fish in front of a pitching machine.

We are done though. The prints are printed, pins packed and the dog bookmarks are a brilliant mess. Quick note on those, we accidentally got them printed on the wrong paper (I told you I was awful) so if you backed that tier or the collectors edition, you'll recieve two bookmarks! One signed by my doggies and one clean one. Bonuses!

We're also on a book tour! Look at this lovely image! 

Wow! All those trains for me to catch! Each stop will have a few copies of the book avaliable, even though they're before the release date. I don't know how that works. Probably magic. Oh, and these events are free and not ticketed so come along! I'm more than happy to sign your signed edition again!

Right. That's all from me. I have to ruin thousands of copies with a pen.

Big kisses


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Ewan Hendry
 Ewan Hendry says:

Any news about the audiobook copy?

posted 10th September 2019

Don Dietrich
 Don Dietrich says:

Here lies Daniel’s hands. R.I.P

posted 10th September 2019

Bradley Cushion
 Bradley Cushion says:

I can't wait to read this in a month then be sad it's done!

posted 10th September 2019

Kitty Johnson
 Kitty Johnson says:

Excellent news, well done you two! Xx Would be lovely to see you in Bristol but not sure if possible. Huge congratulations on your achievement!

posted 10th September 2019

Alexander Bagley
 Alexander Bagley says:

I do not envy your hands right about now.

posted 10th September 2019

Danny Hin
 Danny Hin says:

How will the personal videos be dealt with?

posted 10th September 2019

Julie E Lowes
 Julie E Lowes says:

Will try to attend the one in Newcastle, hoping my book arrives before then!

posted 10th September 2019

Stuart Connelly
 Stuart Connelly says:

Will we have the book before the start of the book tour? I don't want to show up in Edinburgh without my copy that I want to be signed again. Major congrats on this massive achievement.

posted 10th September 2019

Sam Redfern
 Sam Redfern says:

Can't wait to read it! I'll be moving into university this weekend and it'll be shipping to my house so I might have to grab another copy on the day of the signing though.

posted 10th September 2019

Jarrod Van Straalen
 Jarrod Van Straalen says:

Ooooo! Hopefully it releases in Australia when it releases in the UK!

posted 11th September 2019

Pål Collyer
 Pål Collyer says:

When do we get to hear the audio version, got the actual book today. Well stoked.

posted 18th September 2019

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