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Monday, 3 September 2018

Manuscript Submitted and 1500%!

Hello! Long time no update!

This morning, specifically at half past four, I flung the first manuscript of the book off to Unbound. This is the first major step on this books long journey to... well, becoming an actual book. 

Right now the book is about 70,000 words, most of them rude, and is as polished as I can make it by myself. It's been over a year and a half of writing but it's nice to see it in the real world, printed out on cheap A4 paper. Well, some of it, the rest is currently wedged in my office printer. Man, that's leaking a lot of ink.

So, what happens now? Well, this is the end of step 1 on a many, many step program. These words are going to go back and forth between me and Unbound many, many times to strike a balance between my writing style and coherent grammar. While that's happening Rebecca is drawing all of the lovely art, of which there are currently about a million pieces done and a billion left to do. After that we have to work with designers to put it all together so it looks lovely and then it has to go and get published, a process that as far as I can tell involves at least four pacts with satan. Oh, and then I have to sign thousands and thousands of books. Wheeeee!

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we're on our way. This is going to be a long, long process with much left to do, but it'll be worth the wait. It's better to go slow and nail it, than rush it and fuck it up. At least, that's what my bomb disposal coach used to say. I'll miss him.

Finally, we just hit 1500% funded! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


- Dan


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Jack Warner-Pankhurst
 Jack Warner-Pankhurst says:


posted 3rd September 2018

Pj Carr
 Pj Carr says:

Great job on finishing the manuscript! I can't wait to see the final result!

posted 3rd September 2018

Zion Aitken
 Zion Aitken says:

Considering you managed to make me laugh multiple times in an update post, I'm pretty sure you're gonna absolutely nail the book.

posted 3rd September 2018

tristan jack
 tristan jack says:

I can't wait to read it, good luck.

posted 3rd September 2018

sean coxhead
 sean coxhead says:

I was diagnosed with terminal cancer back in May... please release this before I snuff it... with time to actually read all 70,000 words of course ( I’m a slow reader btw! )

posted 4th September 2018

Euan Kershaw
 Euan Kershaw says:

Good going Danial :D

posted 4th September 2018

Euan Kershaw
 Euan Kershaw says:

I have 5* keyboard typing abilities... *facepalm*
Still, good going on getting your book this far.

posted 4th September 2018

TJ Wolschon
 TJ Wolschon says:

So proud of you Dan! Can't wait to read it!

posted 4th September 2018

Ashvin Scott
 Ashvin Scott says:

Can't wait to taste that delicious N3 Tortilla Lasagne!

posted 4th September 2018

Cally Frost
 Cally Frost says:

Take time, it will be worth it, better late than never.

Good luck with all the editing nightmares and Rebecca, don't wear your hand out drawing.

posted 4th September 2018

Eric Ahnell
 Eric Ahnell says:

Yay! Looking forward to this progressing! Editing can be a chore - but just remember, we've got your back. That's why we funded the book in the first place!

posted 4th September 2018

Adam Blakemore
 Adam Blakemore says:

Can't wait for the book written by the always funny Dan and the always brilliant and talented illustrator/artist Rebecca. Good luck to both of you signing 3,000 books but don't wear your hand out so much that you have to stop streaming and producing videos!! Looking forward for the final release and congratulations for the 1500%. All of us from all sides of the internet, YouTube (well...pfft), Twitch and Patreon, have got your back so keep going and it'll be worth it in the end. Say hi to Regan, Matilda, Peanut and Eli and make sure to give them a copy; no matter how small the font size will have to be!!



posted 5th September 2018

Max Gradinger
 Max Gradinger says:

Can’t McFucking Wait

posted 6th September 2018

Rachel Wilson
 Rachel Wilson says:

i love u guys omg

posted 7th September 2018

Savage Hutton
 Savage Hutton says:

Just here to prove I was in the making of history

posted 8th September 2018

Ferdi Kramer
 Ferdi Kramer says:

Haven't been this hyped for a book ever.

posted 17th September 2018

Luke Phillips
 Luke Phillips says:

The hype is real can't wait for release and to get my hands on a copy happy to support a project like this

posted 9th October 2018

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