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A personal, absurd celebration of the sheer joy of video games.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Fuck Yeah, Cover Reveal!

Picture first! Words later!

Feast your eyeballs, lids and lashes on this, the actual cover of Fuck Yeah, Video Games! What you're looking at isn't just the greatest book cover in the world, it's also sleepless nights, hand cramp and about 35 emails wondering if "video games" has a space in it or not...

Anyway, some updates! As of right now the book is so very close to being done. All the words are in, the glorious art is too and the last bits we're working on are the really tiny little details that can really piss off a designer, especially if you email them about it at 3am. I've been told that if I ask to shift something left 3/4 of a pixel again, some of the staff from Unbound are going to attempt to burn my face down.


If you've backed at a higher/custom tier, be sure to check that the email you've used on here works! Some folks who backed things that will be in the book haven't been contactable and we can't patch your faces into the book after it's printed! Apparently that technology doesn't exist yet.

If you're now panicking because you've not been contacted about rewards outside of the book, fear not, we'll be starting on other reward tiers like custom art etc after the book goes to print. Hooray! 

Right, that's all from me for now. I'm off to email a desiger. The text in the Portal section needs to be 1/8th of a font size bigger.


- Daniel




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Jannes Verlinde
 Jannes Verlinde says:

REBECCA! That's wonderful! This will be one of those books that gets it's own spot on the shelf, so I can see the cover :D

posted 28th June 2019

Rhys Stone
 Rhys Stone says:

Wait is that a tiny Keanu Reeves i see in the top left...
Also Revecca how are you this talented, i cant wait to see the rest of the artwork.

posted 28th June 2019

Anthony Borrayo
 Anthony Borrayo says:

You’ve done a fantastic job, Dan and Rebecca! I’m sure this book will be absolutely fantastic!

posted 28th June 2019

Charlotte Simmonds
 Charlotte Simmonds says:

Brilliant! Love the cover and can’t wait! It will fit snuggly between Terrible Old Games with cartoon Ashens looking at the sock-faced moose for all eternity.

Poor designers :/ At this rate, I wonder if Dan’s perfectionism might delay the signed copies another year? Have to get the positioning perfect ;)

Still annoyed I just missed the deadline to get my name in the book, I do stil need to add the Terrible Old Games subtitle, so I’ll just Sharpie then in for authenticity ;)

posted 28th June 2019

Charlotte Simmonds
 Charlotte Simmonds says:

I wonder what game they are all playing... Love the artwork Rebecca! Can’t wait to see the finished book x

posted 28th June 2019

Jennifer Farr
 Jennifer Farr says:

Rebecca! It looks so freaking good! But I know you must know that. I’m so excited for you guys. And for me. Let’s be honest, I’m really excited that the ship date is less than 6 months out. Like, REALLY, excited. You have been pouring your heart and soul into this thing. I’m so ready to dive in!

posted 28th June 2019

Joshua Aarons
 Joshua Aarons says:

Love it!! Rebecca your hard work has absolutely paid off! I can't wait to have this in my handssss.

posted 28th June 2019

Lisa Groves
 Lisa Groves says:

Beautiful art Rebecca!

posted 28th June 2019

Jade Peregrine
 Jade Peregrine says:

I bought the custom video tier and I just want to check i've had every e-mail I need, i've recieved nothing about faces or anything, just one e-mail from a long time back checking my name for the book, is that all? Have I missed anything?

posted 28th June 2019

Caleb Ross
 Caleb Ross says:

No space. But I'll let it slide.

posted 30th June 2019

Caitlin Harvey
 Caitlin Harvey says:

You've not missed anything Jade, we'll be in touch everyone about the custom videos you once everything is done on the making of the book.

posted 1st July 2019

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