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Saturday, 9 February 2019

February 2019 update!

Hello, Happy New year (is it already too late for that? I feel like 2019 started a few hours ago…) etc etc, hope you’re having a good one!

Me? Lovely of you to ask, I’ve spent the first month vomiting from most of my orifices, sneezing from the ones that are left and generally being dead. Thanks to modern medicine, a pact made with a mysterious carnival worker and the fact that the toilet is now, as the plumber put it, “at capacity”, I’ve been able to crawl up to my desktop to answer some questions! Hoora*COUGHCOUGHOHGODCOUGH*y!

Is it done yet?

No, but it’s getting there! This week I’m checking over the copy-edited version (the one with commas and semicolons), and we’re then going to start getting it all nicely arranged and looking like an actual book, and not a word file typed by a madman. After that all that should need to be done is fact checking and fact updating. (If Half Life 3 is announced before the book launch I’ll have to re-write 90% of the jokes.) Also, if the arranging bit leaves big gaps in places, I’m going to write more jokes to go in there. Or force Rebecca to draw more art. Again, this is Half Life 3 dependant.

When is it coming out?

The planned (and I do stress, planned) publication date is October 2019.

So, is that when we’re getting it!?

Probably not! The current plan is to get backers their copies earlier.

How much earlier?

Hopefully at least a month. Maybe more. Maybe less. We’re talking about this a lot right now but we’re going to need to finish and plan lots of bits before we get a definitive date. I’d love to be able to give you an exact time, but this is new, massive territory for everyone here and at Unbound. As an example, we’re currently trying to work out if I need to sign all the books over two or three days! My arm is going to fall off!

Who is writing the foreword?

The foreword to Fuck Yeah, Video Games is going to be written by none other than industry god and Mr Lifetime Achievement Award himself, Tim Schafer!!!

The downside of this of course, is that everything after the foreword will be staggeringly less funny.



- Dan

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Pj Carr
 Pj Carr says:

I can't wait to get it! This is probably my most looked forward to book of the year!

posted 9th February 2019

Alexander Bagley
 Alexander Bagley says:

RIP your writing hand. Seriously.

posted 9th February 2019

Charlie Coyle
 Charlie Coyle says:

Yay news

posted 9th February 2019

Daniel Fitch
 Daniel Fitch says:

I need to send a photo for Rebecca to draw, but I'm not sure what type to send, a head to toes one? Or a shoulders up one?

posted 9th February 2019

Roderick Roelfsema
 Roderick Roelfsema says:

I don't think its too late to say happy new year... or is it? Well, who cares right!? Unfortunate to hear your 2019 started with projectile vomiting instead of shooting projectiles into the air. I hope you are feeling better now. I'm so psyched for the book!

posted 11th February 2019

David Simon
 David Simon says:

Are the consoles at the bottom what the art is going to be like? They're so cute!

posted 11th February 2019

Samantha Hall
 Samantha Hall says:

Fabulous news! I'm so excited! So sorry you've not been well though Dan...hope you recover properly very soon!
Great work with the book!

posted 11th February 2019

Daniel Delaney
 Daniel Delaney says:

I don't think I've ever clicked on an e-mail so fast, can't wait to get the book! (or, I guess I can, because I'll have to) Glad you're feeling better, thanks for the update!

posted 11th February 2019

ben clarke
 ben clarke says:

Is the audio book releasing at same time

posted 11th February 2019

Lynn Thompson
 Lynn Thompson says:

send it to me first because i always find the one typo the editor missed ;-) j/k, j/k waiting patiently for the glory we all know this will be

posted 11th February 2019

Jordie Reason
 Jordie Reason says:

Will the Double Fine crazy man be voicing his foreword in the audiobook, or was that not part of the deal you made with the Devil for your very mortal soul?

posted 13th February 2019

Adam Blakemore
 Adam Blakemore says:

Cannot contain my excitement for the book release, I'll try and not explode before then :p. I hope to get on Twitch more often like I used to before college work got in the way of my life. Love you both to the moon and back, no homo, and see you at the signings in the near future. Take care and good luck again not breaking your wrist signing the hundred or so books as well as finding a font size small enough to put our names in the back. :)

posted 14th February 2019

Jonathan Blight
 Jonathan Blight says:

Happy New Year!! (It's probably definitely too late to say that now but it still feels like 2018 to me)
Very excited for the book
I think I upgraded my pledge from the signed copy to the one where you get 2 copies will I still get a signed one out of those 2 or not?

posted 23rd March 2019

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