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Friday, 29 June 2018

1346% Update


It's still not quite sunk in. I don't think it really can. This book has been funded 10 times over and then some. Future projects of mine now have budgets, Rebecca's Fallout collection is probably going to double in size and the dogs are going to get at least three new chew toys each.

With all this support and good fortune coming our way, we're going to pass a little bit of it on. We are happy to announce that 5% of the profits of Fuck Yeah, Video Games will be going to the Albert Kennedy Trust, helping homeless LGBTQ+ young people get back on their feet.

If you're reading this you'll probably know that we have a large LGBTQ+ following. We're very proud to have created a space that everyone feels comfortable sharing who they are in, but we know that this doesn't always extend back to their real lives. By supporting the Albert Kennedy Trust with this book, we can help be more than just someone on the internet who is willing to listen.

Once again, thank you so much for your support. I just wrote an entire chapter that builds up to a pun so, that's now on you.

Love and consensual hugging.

- Dan and Rebecca

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Jannes Verlinde
 Jannes Verlinde says:

I'm so proud of you! Things like this show that you really deserve the backing you got!

posted 29th June 2018

Ali Webster
 Ali Webster says:

As a member of the lgbtq community as is my son. (Who introduced me to your channel) I would like to thank you for this, it means a lot to have you and Rebecca in our corner. You help my son get through his anxiety and depressive days, we love watching you on Twitch ( My son’s name on there is “Windy Potato” ) so proud of you and you both deserve all the good things because you’re one of the good things about YouTube and you never compromise your integrity. Oh yeah, and you constantly troll Emma! Sending hugs! Xoxoxo

posted 29th June 2018

Omar AlHashmi
 Omar AlHashmi says:

You deserve all the support you are getting! You worked hard for this. Hope nothing but the best for both of you moving forward

posted 29th June 2018

Christopher Owens
 Christopher Owens says:

Things like this are why you have such an amazing community. Thank you for the amazing content, and for supporting the community that supports you. You are both wonderful people and I'm so happy for you!

posted 29th June 2018

Kane Harrison
 Kane Harrison says:

That charity seems oddly specific. Sod the non LGB&Q# homeless huh.

posted 29th June 2018

Thomas Tauber
 Thomas Tauber says:

That's an amazingly good cause and very generous of you folks! So happy to be part of the family! <3

posted 29th June 2018

Joel Schwartzman
 Joel Schwartzman says:

I'm really happy to hear this. I recently read a really heartbreaking article about this and I applaud this decision.

posted 29th June 2018

Noah Bigner
 Noah Bigner says:

I, as well as many other LGBTQ+ people are very grateful for this decision, I'm sure. I'm super glad to have been able to be a part of funding before the first 100% :D

posted 29th June 2018

Kim Johansson
 Kim Johansson says:

That is really awesome.

posted 29th June 2018

Austin Hanna
 Austin Hanna says:

I am so looking forward to the mega pun chapter! Yall are a blessing to the world and to the internet. Wishing you well and thank you for all you do for everyone!

posted 29th June 2018

Dylan Parry
 Dylan Parry says:

That's really awesome of you guys!

posted 29th June 2018

Matthew McCallum
 Matthew McCallum says:

That charity is really specific.

posted 29th June 2018

Rebecca Wheeler
 Rebecca Wheeler says:

Thank you for everything you two do! I'm sure the money will be going to those who really need it the most and I hope you inspire others to follow your lead, especially with such a huge issue in the LGBTQ+ community. <3

posted 29th June 2018

Megan Max Hirst
 Megan Max Hirst says:

You two have been an incredible support to so many people, myself included. Your generosity is remarkable. I am humbled by your support of our LGBTQ community and am glad you’ve made this place a home for the misfits and nerds. Much love <3

posted 29th June 2018

Charlotte Owen
 Charlotte Owen says:

You two are just the damn best.
I'm one of those queer followers, I don't really watch twitch but I awlways refresh my prime sub for you. Seeing the little things like pronouns and flags on your Twitter bios had already put such a big smile on my face.
All my love to the doggies, and I hope things continue to get better and better for you and yours. <3

posted 29th June 2018

Adam Blakemore
 Adam Blakemore says:

As the majority of my friends and part of the LGBTQ+ community, it is great seeing that our funds are going towards something truly meaningful. Even though I'm not in the LGBTQ+ sector, I still love helping other people who find it hard or who are struggling to come through. You two are my favourite muffins, Lemon and Poppyseed ones btw, and have given me 4 and a half years of great entertainment both on YouTube and Twitch; which you may recognise me from. The 500 hours of flinging Rico Rodriguez of a G9 Eclipse in Just Cause 2, wouldn't of been possible without the existence of Dan and also the many hours in RCT3 designing my p*his shaped rollercoaster. And not forgetting Rebecca for being the loveliest person on the internet and making me smile every time you and Dan go live on Twitch. You also got me back into art and animation for which I stopped cos I didn't think I was good enough....Keep being the awesome muffins you are and keep working hard on the book; you're nearly there! PS. Say hi to Reagan, Matilda, Eli and Peanut for me.

posted 29th June 2018

Adam Blakemore
 Adam Blakemore says:

PPS: Don't know if you can edit comments but for context I'm AntiS0cialGam3r on Twitch btw

posted 29th June 2018

Harrison Keaton
 Harrison Keaton says:

Dan I've been watching for a long time, I think since RTC3, but it's your attention to the community that has kept me around for so long. Thank you for all your hard work and good luck on whatever you may do in the future!

posted 29th June 2018

Harry Glen
 Harry Glen says:

That’s awesome to hear. I’m trans and pan myself and this just confirms for me that you guys are truely determined to not just create a safe place, but to make an impact on the world. So thank you. I’ve got a trans friend who was homeless for over two months after coming out to his unsupportive parents. It was a charity like the one you’re supporting that made sure he stayed safe and in education. So again, thank you. You both have truely made an amazing decision and will have a very genuine impact on peoples lives xx

posted 29th June 2018

Jacob Hougie
 Jacob Hougie says:

This makes me even more happy to have backed

posted 29th June 2018

Keilen Hardy
 Keilen Hardy says:

Dan, Rebecca. I fucking love you guys. Consentually. Best wishes.

posted 29th June 2018

Jørgen Pedersen
 Jørgen Pedersen says:

*Hug* You guys are lovely and wonderfull. *Hug*

posted 29th June 2018

Arty Ivanenko
 Arty Ivanenko says:

Don't worry Dan. I once spent the entirety of a history class building up a pun and then nobody got it. It was based on the Little Mermaid as well!

posted 29th June 2018

Allie Law
 Allie Law says:

Considering I was referred to a LGBT+ charity today for support with my gender I really really appreciate it.

posted 29th June 2018

Daniel Fitch
 Daniel Fitch says:


posted 30th June 2018

Don Dietrich
 Don Dietrich says:

Why only help the lgbtq+ homeless? If someone is homeless and suffering they need help, it should not matter wether they are lgbtq+ or straight. Neither should it matter on skin tone, people are people, they deserve love and help when needed.

posted 1st July 2018

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