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A personal, absurd celebration of the sheer joy of video games.


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The complete book! However, this edition is made with 1s and 0s instead of paper for all you modern lot!

● Ebook

Low-key Audiobook

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The unabridged audiobook version, unprofessionally recorded by me in my own office. If time is tight I might record a bit while cooking dinner, hoovering, that sort of thing.

● Audiobook

Digital Bundle

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Oooo, look at Captain 21st Century over here! This’ll get you an Ebook and the Audiobook but you’ll have to provide the robot butler yourself.

● Ebook
● Audiobook


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Printed on the finest dead and pulped tree, this is the book as it was meant to be read. Guaranteed to come with that new book smell and the Digital Bundle too!

● Hardback
● Ebook
● Audiobook

Signed Hardback / Sold out

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Snuggle Buddies / Sold out

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Tortilla Lasagna Recipe Edition / Sold out

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Pin Badge Edition / Sold out

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Art Print Edition / Sold out

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Dog Bookmark Edition (Only 200 available) / Sold out

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Personalised Signed Edition (Only 200 Available) / Sold out

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Collector's Edition (only 300 available) / Sold out

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Custom Art Edition (Only 50 Available) / Sold out

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Front of the Book Edition (Only 20 Available) / Sold out

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Personalised Video Edition (Only 100 Available) / Sold out

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Ultimate Supporter Edition (Only 1 Available) / Sold out

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Plays Video Chooser (Only 3 Available) / Sold out

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You Choose A Chapter Edition (Only 1 Available) / Sold out

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