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Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Daily Machinations of a Crowdfunding Mind

Every day* since 19th October 2015, I have found myself occupied with the following minute calculations:

  • The value of one percent in cash money terms (currently £93.10)
  • Multiplied by the number of percents required to clamber over the next major hurdle
  • That amount divided by the average amount pledged so far
  • The number of people required to pledge said average amount in order to clamber over said hurdle
  • The number of people in my address book still likely to respond to an email from me, divided by the number required to etc etc

All a bit of a stretch for a brain that failed maths O level twice (but does like to remember sequences of numbers, meaning I might not remember your name, but can probably tell you what your phone number was in 1986 - if I knew it in the first place, obviously).

So, now that we've gate-vaulted over the 80% hurdle and the number of required pledges has dwindled to a mere 89, I'd just like to put the thought out there that if everyone who's already pledged was able to persuade someone they know to pledge a tenner, and that includes you, 0161 436 7596**, we'd soon be at the finishing post and I could start thinking in words again.

Thank you lovely people.


*The number of days since launch (127 today), minus the number of days unable to crowdfund due to work commitments, people being broke at Christmas and what have you (52), so not every day exactly.

**Please don't ring this number

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