Narcissism For Beginners

By Martine McDonagh

Formerly 'Things We Can't Undo' - Sonny was five when he last saw his mother. At 21, he sets off on a journey to find her.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Narcissism for Beginners coming your way!

Dear lovely supporters, 

I am really excited (if not slightly terrified at the thought of NfB being read) to let you know that your special edition copies are in the process of being packed up and will be with you very soon... and what beautiful things they are. Unbound have done an incredible job on the production side to produce a really high-quality book with lots of extras that the trade edition won't have - it's even got a bookmark ribbon! - I can't wait for you to see it.

For those of you who pledged for a book group visit, writing workshop or walking tour, I'm thinking it would be best to do these in January or February once you've had a chance to read it so will be in touch directly in the next month or so to arrange, but let me know if that doesn't suit. I'll contact you again in January with information about book launch events where hopefully I'll get to meet some of you! And if you have any ideas for events (readings, book group visits, library visits, karaoke nights) local to you, please let me know, I love to travel!

And please do sign up to my mailing list via my website if you'd like email updates about events etc:

All best

Martine x

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Helen Wheatley
 Helen Wheatley says:

Looking forward to it! Make sure we get a link as soon as it's publicly available so we can share with friends. :)

posted 18th November 2016

Martine McDonagh
 Martine McDonagh says:

Thank you Helen, I hope you like it. There's already an Amazon link for advance orders of the trade edition:
Advance orders are great as they give the book a bit more presence on the day it comes out!
Let me know what you think once you've read it.

posted 18th November 2016

Gillian Stokes
 Gillian Stokes says:

Bought unbound copy at IWLF. Enjoyed so much had to read daytime instead of usual few pages before bed then zzzz (praise indeed). Loved physicality of unbound hardback. A joy to hold each time I opened it, love bookmarker/end boards (take off dust jacket). Satisfied my mind and senses. Now want more...

posted 1st December 2016

Martine McDonagh
 Martine McDonagh says:

Thanks Gillian, and apologies for the extremely slow reply!

posted 20th February 2017

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