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Narcissism For Beginners

By Martine McDonagh

Formerly 'Things We Can't Undo' - Sonny was five when he last saw his mother. At 21, he sets off on a journey to find her.

Fiction | Women
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Publication date: March 2017

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Walk in Sonny's Footsteps

A walking tour of some of the locations featured in the book with Martine, with a site-specific reading followed by afternoon tea and discussion of book. Plus 1st edition hardback book and the ebook edition
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Everything up to the collectable plus original BPI UK silver disc of Seven album dedicated to Martine Only 1 available

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Meet Sonny Anderson, burgeoning author, failed LA Galaxy hopeful, neurotic, ex-meth-head and Shaun of the Dead obsessive. Sonny doesn’t remember his mother’s face; he was kidnapped at age five by his father, Guru Bim, and taken to live in a commune in Brazil. Since the age of ten, Sonny has lived in Redondo Beach, California, with his guardian Thomas Hardiker. Brits think he’s an American, Americans think he’s a Brit.

When he turns 21, Sonny musters the courage to travel alone to the UK. Ostensibly his mission is to visit the locations of Shaun of the Dead, but inwardly Sonny is optimistic his trip will lead to a reunion with his mother. And Thomas has an ulterior motive too: to reveal the truth about Sonny’s childhood. To this end, he has compiled a list of people for Sonny to visit who knew his parents and has packed into his rucksack five letters in numbered envelopes.

Things We Can't Undo is a novel for anyone who loved Karen Joy Fowler's We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves and Jonathan Safron Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. (Or just loves Shaun of the Dead.) This is an ambitious and compelling coming-of-age novel written in a unique, confident voice.

‘Martine McDonagh writes simply, sparingly, intelligently and unsentimentally about both big and small things.’ Stephen May, Costa Prize shortlisted author


Martine was James’s manager from 1985, overseeing all tours and releases up to and including the album Laid, in 1994. In addition, she drew the famous James daisy logo, designed numerous T-shirts, and set up the company Billy’s Shirts to handle merch for James, Teenage Fanclub, the Las, Warp Records and many others. She sang backing vocals on Sit Down and several other tracks and is the mother referred to in the Gold Mother album.


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