The Boy with Nails for Eyes

By Shaun Gardiner

A fantastical dystopian graphic novel...

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Thought Bubble

Hello all

This week it's Thought Bubble.

(If you didn't know, Thought Bubble is a comic convention. If you did know, you can skip the foregoing sentence.)

I'll be jetting (read: boat-and-training) down to Harrogate to take part - if you're attending, I'll be there on the Saturday. I used to live in Yorkshire, I'm looking forward to seeing the place again.

So - most likely I'll be at the Unbound table (108 in the Comixology Originals Hall), where I'll be hanging out with my Unbound stablemates including Lucy Sullivan (Barking) and Tom Woodman (Future), where we'll all be promoting our various graphic novels. Another Unbounder, Lyndon White (Candles), will also be there, at table 177 in the Ask for Mercy Hall. If I'm not at the Unbound table, you'll be able to recognise me by my aimless, befuddled meandering.

Come along for a chat! I'll have at least one of The Boy with Nails for Eyes with me (preview only I'm afraid - they're very limited in number), and I'll be happy to answer questions on the project, or just shoot the breeze.


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