The Boy with Nails for Eyes

By Shaun Gardiner

A fantastical dystopian graphic novel...

Friday, 8 March 2019

Animation: 'That night the dreams came...'

Hello everyone

It's been a long time since I've posted any updates here; apologies for that. I haven't been idle, but a lot of the things I've been doing have been technical - coding and such - and hence probably not that interesting, to anyone except me.

Until now that is. One of my dreams is to one day perform a live reading of The Boy with Nails for Eyes, making use of sound effects, music and animation. 

Before I go any further, of course I should say to the project's latest supporters thank you very much indeed. Every time a pledge comes in it makes my day. If I could ask you for another favour, I'd ask you to please share this video, or show the project to someone who you think would like the comic. The sooner this reaches the funding goal, the sooner you get to read it - and the sooner I can dig in on planning the next part.

And now, without further ado.

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on the image above, to produce one of the animated segments I intend to use for the reading. This ends Chapter 1, just after Bobby has gone to bed, heartbroken and lonely. 

The hardest part of this has been the music and animation, disciplines where I have no formal training. Another issue is that I'm not world's best planner - I much prefer to dive in and learn to swim by, in essence, not drowning. Here's the extent of my planning.

Not much to go on.

Perhaps there are advantages to this. Plans are sticky things - lacking them can mean more room for lateral thinking. On the other hand, another name for 'lateral thinking' is, more often than not, 'panic'. I have to admit that this approach has meant a lot of backtracking and false starts in the past. I know I'm going to be planning the subsequent volume of The Boy with Nails for Eyes with a lot more care, in order to avoid this sort of needless meandering.

Anyway, up above's the finished animation (you can also watch it on Vimeo). For those of you who pledged at the 'Sounds of Dystopia' level or above, this is also a chance to hear some more of the comic's soundtrack.

Thanks again to everyone who's supported the project so far. As said, please do share this with anyone you think might be interested. I'll try not to leave it too long before I share next time. Although I'll continue to spare you from the boring stuff.

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