My Tutu Went AWOL!

By Iestyn Edwards

When you audition by accident and take your cross-dressing ballerina act to entertain the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

Monday, 13 March 2017

Thank you and (Let's Have a) Good Night! Matcham Theatre, Hippodrome Casino, April 3rd, 7.30

Thank you all so hugely much.  I am chuffed and more chuffed.  The book came out on Amazon Kindle on the 3rd and is out in paperback on the 16th.  Anyone...what have you been thinking about it?  Tell me.  I'm randomly telling people it's out on my walks here in Thorpeness.  Today, I didn't want to disturb a woman looking out over the marshes to the abandoned railway, but she spoke as I was passing.  'Yes, I know, borderline spectacular,' she said.  'But when you live, as I do, in the real Fen you look and look and rather ache ​for a cathedral.'

Did you hear me on Radio 4's Saturday Live?  My interview is 1.09 in, but if you skip, you'll miss my clarification about the apparatus in the corner. 

No, not Melvyn Bragg... 

Now, please do come and be at the London book launch?  Oh, and guess who's so far been booked for Cheltenham, the Essex Book Festival, Walberswick, Aldeburgh, Ink, Halesworth and The Astor Literary Thread? 

No, not Marian Keyes... 

So, the London book launch will be in the Matcham Theatre, Hippodrome Casino, Leicester Square, April 3rd  The event goes online later this week - I know! - hoorah, nicely - but the box office number is already there.  I'll be doing my own door to welcome you all!  And you can pay on said door.  The line up will include Florian Brooks, Pemberton and Hague, Sorcha Ra, harpist Louisa Duggan, past members of Her Majesty's Royal Marines Band - and little me, both singing and Swan Queening. 

It's £7.50 - of such reasonableness, no?  But I don't want to keep making people pay - I've been doing that for the past half a century with my family.

Now, do hope to see you all and more there. has ongoing previews (read: actually, whatever madness I overhear where I live)

All the very best to you and yours, and thank you again... Iestyn aka Madame Galina, Ballet Star Galactica, Local Authoress, aged Seventeen and a Quarter.

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Iestyn Edwards
 Iestyn Edwards says:

I am hilarious today...

posted 13th March 2017

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