My Tutu Went AWOL!

By Iestyn Edwards

When you audition by accident and take your cross-dressing ballerina act to entertain the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

Monday, 15 May 2017

Remember! Remember! the Fifty Plus Reviews I Need on Amazon: Pen-Power: Reason is: Losing the Plot

  Oh, look at that for a punning title.  If you've enjoyed ​Tutu, please let me know via an Amazon review. Did you read the marvelous review it had in the Mail last Friday?  I'd quote it, but that would make me blush. Oh, alright then: 'Achingly funny...but also touching...' Why I'm particularly asking now for your nicely reviews is that I want to go to Wilderness and other Festivals - they have the best ice-cream - but the producers simply won't be interested in a book that isn't on a parallel price promotion. So I won't make it. 

  Talk about Cinderella...

  Which I was in an interview yesterday. The journalist asked me why, as Madame Galina, I don't dance certain of the Prima Ballerina roles. Namely Cinderella, the Sugar Plum Fairy and Juliet. I answered, 'My dancing style is too grandly Imperial for Cinderella and Sugar Plum, and Juliet is fourteen.  I'm not wasting my talent on a character who's not yet buying her own toilet paper.' 

  Tell you what, then - if I get those reviews from you and make it to Wilderness, I'll learn your choice of new solo:  Cinderella, Sugar Plum or Juliet. Can't say fairer than that.  We'll have a poll*.  


  *As was the case with my apparently bespoke Tytania, Pacquita and Electric Fairy solos, I reserve the right for my version of your chosen solo to be suspiciously virtually identical to the ubiquitious opening number from my ever-ongoing shtik-fest Madame Galina Ballet Star Galactica.

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