My Tutu Went AWOL!

By Iestyn Edwards

When you audition by accident and take your cross-dressing ballerina act to entertain the troops in Iraq & Afghanistan

Sunday, 19 November 2017

My First Waterstones...a bit like My First Tutu/Tiara/Ballet Slippers

  Dear all, 

Hope you're very well.  I'm hoping you'll be able to make it this Wednesday, the 22nd, to the Crouch End Waterstones.  7.15 start.  Four quid with a glass of wine thrown in. Can't be bad.  I'll be in my full-on all dancing, all singing mode; audience questions. 

Please try and share this as much as possible - with large numbers I'll perhaps end up stuck between Crime and Biography dancing in the bigger, kite-wired of my two tutus.  Someone eagle-eyed spotted that I didn't wear it last month at the Leiston Library, as I had in Aldeburgh, and asked why I was in a smaller skirted affair?  

'Oh, because I walked here across country from Thorpeness  The kite-wired tutu will only fit in my suitcase and I couldn't drag that across the golf course.  And if I'd carried it in the open air, it might have worried the piglets...'

Hope to see you at Crouch End. 

Thank you all again...Iestyn  

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