Wednesday, 21 June 2017

It's #NationalWritingDay or least it was on the day of writing this!

#NationalWritingDay is really just a day to celebrate the writing arts (cheesy as that may sound!) To offer advice, to pen short stories or poems and to share what we have written! 

Of course I'll be sharing My Mr Keats on my social media feeds most of the day, whilst also promoting the books that my authors at my publishing company have also written.

Writing is an easy thing to do, composing and creating is harder. Anyone can write, anyone, but it takes a lot of effort and time to compose a poem or create a story. 

There's a fine art to connecting strands of ideas and coming up with a cohesive, engaging piece of prose. 

With My Mr Keats I wrote a short story about a boy who have returned from the First World War dying of tuberculosis. He is kept in a room away from everybody, with the housekeepers daughter for company. This short story, which I wrote at university, then developed into the characters of Kitty and Johnny.

Although Johnny doesn't feature in My Mr Keats as much as other characters, such as Charlie and his own mother, to me he is still the secondary protagonist. His story is the one that connects all the others. 

  • Kitty falls in love with the Lake District -- she goes on adventures and observes it in detail to tell Johnny about later
  • Kitty befriends Mrs Castleton and becomes an honourary daughter to her -- Kitty is filling Johnny's place
  • Kitty hates having to leave the Lake District -- she doesn't know if she'll see Johnny again

The lesson I'm trying to teach - more like preach - is that a short story or a poem can lead to a novel or an anthology of poems because you'll be surpirsed where your own mind can take you and what strands of imagination you'll weave. 

For me, a short story became a novel which then became a crowdfunding project! 

For someone else, a poem might become a mural which will become a landmark artistic piece or a scene could become a screenplay which becomes an oscar winning movie! Who knows. But you have to try. 

So this #NationalWritingDay why not try composing a piece of writing. Be it a short 4 lined poem on the back of you Pret a Manager napkin or an observation of your garden through your kitchen window. Have a go.

Happy #NationalWritingDay! 

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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