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Monday, 18 September 2017

Today I've decided to implement something new to my Unbound page: a Milestone Rewards system!

For every 5% raised from here on out, I will release/reveal an exclusive element of the book in some form or another. 

For a full list of Milestone Rewards check out the list below! And share and re-share to get these milestones reached!


Milestone Rewards

20% - I will release an audio clip of the first chapter of the book 

25% - I will release an exclusive short story about a character in My Mr Keats which will not be seen by anyone but pledgees of My Mr Keats!

30%  - A specially made video about my book My Mr Keats and John Keats himself

35% - I will share a special piece of artwork commissioned for My Mr Keats, which I will gift to the 100th backer of  My Mr Keats

40% - A Q&A video answering your questions about the book, writing and anything you see fit to ask me.

45% - An audio clip of Chapter 2 of My Mr Keats

50% - A new book trailer, an exclusive poem related to My Mr Keats and a special gift for each pledgee!


I'll leave it at that for now - that's a lot to be getting on with! Check back for more Milestone Rewards when we reach 50% funded! 

Remember, share and re-share the link to My Mr Keats! 

Follow me on Twitter @ElliePilcher95 or on Facebook at EleanorPilcherWriter! I'm always happy to chat about writing, careers or just have a general chat ;)


You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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