Are there too many writer-heroines?

Friday, 18 August 2017

I am thinking of making a change to my protagonist's career. Currently, Kitty the Elder (way more prestigious sounding that Older Kitty) is approached to discuss her memoirs after having a long and successful career as a writer.

I realised lately that Kitty the Younger doesn't actually write during the course of My Mr Keats, yet as a writer myself, I remember constantly writing as a child. I had more semi-used notebooks that toys.

With this in mind, I decided to delve back into the edits and add sequences within the plot where Kitty the Younger does write or keeps a diary at least. 

However, I'm currently reading How to Make a Heroine by a Samantha Ellis - no, not a writing manual on how to write a heroine, but a commentary on the most famous heroines throughout literature and how they've affected Samantha's life - it is a really good book but in the chapter about Lucy Honeychruch from A Room With a View she discusses the character's career as an artist and how other heroines throughout literature are most commonly writers: Josephine March from Little Women, Nanda from A Frost in May, Katy in What Katy Did and even Anne in Anne of Green Gables. 

It doesn't seem original enough anymore and also it clearly doesn't add much to the plot line of My Mr Keats hence I've decided to change it wholly.

The career Kitty the Elder has is one that developed naturally from Kitty the Younger's passions, which I have already written about yet subconsciously ignored.

To find out her new career you'll have to read the book - to do, that make sure you tell your friends and family all about My Mr Keats!

What are your thoughts on writer-heroines? I'm curious to know. Are there too many? Do we, as writers, write what we know so lack the originality to give our character a career we don't have and so know little to nothing about? What do you think? 

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