My Groupon Adventure

By Max Dickins

What if you did every single deal that came up on Groupon?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What's the most powerful question in the world?

I just reached 70% so thank-you. Andy Winter was the legend who hoisted me onto this crucial plinth. I will be writing to you all individually at the end of this process to thank-you personally. Almost there!

Last week, I wrote about the event John-Paul Flintoff and I held in East London. We hubristically called it "Change Your Life In an Instant", and it was all about how asking yourself a new question can change everything.

My whole Groupon Adventure project, (that has culminated in this book via the Edinburgh festival), began with me asking myself a new question: "Why am I so boring?"

There was a simple answer: I never do anything new. And it snowballed from there.

It took a moment to ask, a little longer to answer, and the journey has changed my life.

What new question could you ask yourself?

John-Paul works as a coach aswell as an author. Questions are his main tool. John-Paul told us that the three most powerful questions he knows are:

“What do you want?”

“What are you most afraid of?”

“And how do I know that you will do it?”  (i.e. what does success literally look like?)

Could you answer these questions?

We opened it up the floor. Our gathered audience had their own ideas about great questions:

“Is this why I’m here?” (i.e. is it aligned with the unique gift you bring to the world?)

“What would I tell my 18 year old self to do?”

“What would my 90 year old self tell me to do now?”

“What excites you?”

“What are your core values?”

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

And many more.

If you could take five minutes today to ask yourself just one of these questions you might find something quite special happens. Change is a moment away. 

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