Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines

By Henrietta Heald

The true story of Britain’s early women engineers

Friday, 23 June 2017

Rachel Parsons and the power of good stories

Today, 23 June, is International Women in Engineering Day, during which women around the world celebrate what it means to be an engineer and the great career opportunities that the profession has to offer. One hundred years ago, during the height of the First World War, their predecessors launched a long battle for employment rights. Find out more by reading this article in the June issue of E&T (Engineering and Technology) magazine: Rachel Parsons and the power of good stories.

Shown below are some of the women workers at the Galloway Engineering Co., Tongland, near Kirkcudbright, during the First World War.


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Pippa Gough
 Pippa Gough says:

Another great blog. These women were truly magnificent and worthy of a celebration.

posted 26th June 2017

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