Music to Eat Cake By: Essays on Birds, Words and Everything in Between

By Lev Parikian

Essays on Birds, Words and Everything in Between

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Free range book

This book is going to turn out quite interesting, I reckon.

When I submitted myself to the wilful sadism of my devoted readership, I genuinely had no idea what subjects they would suggest for me to write about. Now all the 40 slots for pieces in the book have been snapped up (from 100 words up to 4000, in 100-word increments), I mostly know. I say 'mostly' because a few of those kind souls have yet to furnish me with their subject. But I'm sure they'll be interesting when they do eventually arrive (HINT HINT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).

I'm torn between wanting to keep a veil of secrecy over the likely contents of the book, and listing them all here and saying 'LOOK AT WHAT THIS ABSOLUTE SO-AND-SO WANTS 3800 WORDS ON!' For the moment I'll restrict myself to some general pointers.

1. There will be birds. This is not surprising, given the subject of my first Unbound project. People know I like birds now, and they're agog to hear my thoughts. Suckers.

2. There will be sport. I apologise to cricket-haters, but my hand has been forced. When the time comes, I will personally reimburse a proportion of your pledge if a subject proves entirely to your distaste.

3. Some subjects are VERY specific. For example: 'The intrinsic link between x, y and z in post-millennial Britain' – where x, y and z are really not closely related at all. That one's going to be fun.

4. Some subjects are VERY broad. Not quite 'Life, The Universe and Everything', but pretty darn close.

So, just as I'd hoped and imagined, really. I'll need to do some research on some of them, which is pretty tiresome, because I'm basically very lazy, but I'll also have a lot of fun making things up, which is what I do best. The tricky bit will be bringing these disparate subjects together to form a somehow satisfying whole. Watch this space.

But meanwhile we still have a way to go before the long and the short of it is funded – my thanks to those who have pushed it this far, and a plea to anyone reading this: do consider supporting what I reckon is a fairly original concept, and one exclusively suited to crowdfunding. You can do so here:

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