Mud, Maul, Mascara: How I Led My Country, and Lived to Tell the Tale

By Catherine Spencer

The inspirational story of a woman who just wanted to have fun, find love and win the rugby World Cup

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

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Hello Mud, Maul, Mascara supporters. It has been a while since I contacted you directly. So much has happened since I finished writing - the 'bump' that I wrote about at the end of my book has turned in to a very active toddler, I have qualified as a teacher starting my first full time post in September and I am starting to think about what book I can write about day!!

'MMM' has proved to have been quite successful with loads of positive reviews. It is has also been recognised by some major books reviews and was longlisted for the prestigious Wiliam Hill Sport book of the year. It has now been shortlisted for Autobiography of the year by the Telegraph Sports Book of the Year Awards. I am very proud of myself but now I wonder if I could request a little help. You made this book possible with your support - wouldn't it be great for the book with your name in it to be an award winning book! Autobiography of the year is decided by public vote so if you enjoyed the book and want to continue to support "Just a girl from Folkestone" I would be extremely grateful. If you have 30 seconds to spare please click on this link and vote: Vote -


Thank you so much for your hugely valuable support. 

Spence / Catherine

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