Mr. Beethoven

By Paul Griffiths

A novel by Paul Griffiths asking: What if Beethoven had visited America?

Friday, 13 March 2020

Your Name In The Back of the Book

Thank you for supporting Mr. Beethoven by Paul Griffiths!

Everyone who supports the book before the end of Saturday 14th March will see their name printed in the back of the book (even if your receipt says n/a). You can see the name that will be used in the Supporters section at the end of the project overview.

If you want to use a different name, or use the name of a friend or family member instead, you can let us know here before 10am monday morning (16th March):  

Stay tuned to these updates, or our Instagram account to see the work in progress in the studio. 

Thank you!

David and Ping Henningham

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Grand Tier

● A handmade, signed limited edition hardback book. Beautifully litho printed in lilac-grey. Half-bound in Tex-Libris Bastille red and Takeo red. Cover debossed with gloss black and gold design. Interleaved with colour pictures of historiographic sources and extra written material.
● Name listed in the back of the book (time limited - order before 14th March to get your name inside) ● Only 20 available