Mr. Beethoven

By Paul Griffiths

A novel by Paul Griffiths asking: What if Beethoven had visited America?

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Further Delays

Effect of School Closures

As you will know, we planned to complete our handmade editions in November 2020. An easily achievable deadline based on previous projects. Unfortunately, successive school closures have compelled us to become de facto teachers and we have had far fewer hours in the studio than normal. Tasks have also been done solo when two hands would have been quicker. We are very sorry for these delays.

Completing Mr. Beethoven is currently our top priority. Indeed, it is maddeningly close to being completed! But we will make no projection. Simply rest assured that you will receive notification when it is finally en route to you.

Future Projects

Regular collectors will also like to know that, given our experience this time, we have decided to include a tier in future projects where subscribers to handmade editions receive a printed proof of the book when we do. That is: ahead of printing and publication of the paperback edition.   

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Grand Tier

● A handmade, signed limited edition hardback book. Beautifully litho printed in lilac-grey. Half-bound in Tex-Libris Bastille red and Takeo red. Cover debossed with gloss black and gold design. Interleaved with colour pictures of historiographic sources and extra written material.
● Name listed in the back of the book (time limited - order before 14th March to get your name inside) ● Only 20 available