Attack of the Flickering Skeletons

By Stuart Ashen

More Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Well blimey


So... that went pretty well! We hit 100% of the funding goal within 24 hours of launch which is rather lovely, and the total is currently sitting around 169% less than a week in. Clearly there is still an appetite for pointing and lauching at rubbishy old games.

Massive thanks to all of you for supporting the book. I'm currently co-ordinating with the guest writers, and traumatising them by forcing them to recollect their most cash-wasting game purchases. But at least they're not having to play the Commodore 64 version of Cisco Heat like I am...

Thanks again,


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Dell Selter
 Dell Selter says:

Hello Dr. Ashens!
I can't wait for the sequel :)

Thanks for taking the time to write it and enduring the suffering of playing terrible games so we don't have to!

Really looking forward to the book,

Hope you're doing well!

posted 2nd March 2017

Cameron Fray
 Cameron Fray says:

Ah yes, I do love a bit of lauching.

posted 2nd March 2017

Richard Baggaley
 Richard Baggaley says:

I cant wait for the book. The first was Brilliant.

posted 2nd March 2017

Patrick Strahm
 Patrick Strahm says:

Loved the first, the second one will be even better. Cheers

posted 2nd March 2017

Rick Kulacki
 Rick Kulacki says:

I actually played Cisco Heat on the C=64. You have my sympathies.

posted 2nd March 2017

Erik Bell
 Erik Bell says:

Awesome stuff and congrats, here's to a smooth writing process!

posted 2nd March 2017

Mikael Riltoft
 Mikael Riltoft says:

I had no doubt that the book would be funded. Looking forward to it!

posted 2nd March 2017

Michael Winn
 Michael Winn says:

Thanks for doing a follow up book Stewart, I love all things bad not just games, I love bad films too, you should do a "terrible old films you have never heard of" as your 3rd book!

posted 2nd March 2017

Michael Winn
 Michael Winn says:

Sorry for spelling your name wrong, can't edit posts!

posted 2nd March 2017

Alicia Knightly
 Alicia Knightly says:


(No seriously, I'm so glad you're writing another book, because the first one really was fantastic :))

posted 2nd March 2017

Katya Fleming
 Katya Fleming says:

I think Michael is onto something... Terrible Old Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of featuring the Godmonster!

posted 2nd March 2017

John Smith
 John Smith says:

Read the first book and can't wait to read the next one. For some reason I have this weird interest in unknown, bad, bargain bin games.

posted 2nd March 2017

Andrew Marsh
 Andrew Marsh says:

I'm looking forward to it! P.S. Give Kane a try on the C64, You'll regret it!

posted 2nd March 2017

Robert Coggle
 Robert Coggle says:

I can't wait to read this once it's out!

posted 2nd March 2017

Peter Abbott
 Peter Abbott says:

And don't forget to visit for more nonsense ;)

posted 2nd March 2017

Chuck Neely
 Chuck Neely says:

Challenge: somehow fit in a meta-reference to your youtube channel for the f**king inflatable f**king crown! I dunno, even just a wee sneaky illustration of it or something ;)

posted 2nd March 2017

Christopher Smith
 Christopher Smith says:

Pah Inflatable Crowns, back in the day it was Pop Stations

posted 2nd March 2017

David Bordicott
 David Bordicott says:

Excited for this Ashens! First time pledging for a book. It's worth it.

posted 2nd March 2017

Mark Joynes
 Mark Joynes says:

According to Chambers 'lauching' is a Scots form of laughing!!

posted 4th March 2017

Ian Burch
 Ian Burch says:

I backed the first book knowing full well most of the games in it have probably not, if ever, even appeared in America. I did it for the authentic Ashens style. British comedy is my favorite and I have no qualms about doing it again.

posted 16th March 2017

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