More Angry People In Local Newspapers by Alistar Coleman

More Angry People in Local Newspapers

By Alistair Coleman£30.00 + Shipping
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Publication Date: TBCAvailable
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About The Book

A new collection of the best stories and photos from Angry People in Local Newspapers.

Local news is important. It’s important because it allows everyday members of the public to speak to power over the petty wrongs that shape our lives. Some think this is a good thing. The same people probably think having a pet leopard is a great idea too. 

That’s because humans are illogical and never think things through when they’re angry. Why else would otherwise grown adults, when faced with - hypothetically - a bill for £900 from their cable television provider for late night smut they swear they never watched, go to their local newspaper to let the whole town know that they are NOT the kind of person who eats through £900 worth of grumble?

But thank the stars that they did, or Angry People in Local Newspapers would not be a thing. For this hypothetical newspaper (in this case, the Manchester Evening News) sent a photographer who captured our heroes giving their very best compo faces. And a legend was born. 

The compo face. The face they all pull, pointing at or holding the thing that made them angry, in the hope of achieving compensation, and not - they hope - local notoriety. 

Perpetually angry taxi drivers. Enraged shopkeepers. Frustrated pub landlords. Peeved customers, forever in a state of compo face. Councillors pointing at poo and potholes. Parents raging at schools. Hungry punters raging at penis graffiti on their takeaway carton. All this has happened, and more. And it has been recorded for posterity by our local newspaper photographers.

It’s art, that’s what it is.

On Facebook and Twitter, a community of over 500,000 ‘concerned residents' has come together to share and celebrate their favourite stories. This book will collect together the best of these contributions alongside some funny commentary from Alistair.

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