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Thursday, 21 July 2016

This Post Contains A Great Joke

I know that you're all pacing up and down impatiently by your various devices waiting for a progress update on my book, unable to concentrate on your every day lives.

Please stop fretting, I beg of you. All is in hand and it's busy busy busy behind the scenes.

I'm delighted to say that I'm working with a brilliant book designer called Darren Wall (I'll post a link to his work at the bottom so you don't have to take my word for it). Anyway, we've been discussing the book and Darren's got some great ideas for it, so I'm feeling all revved up and inspired. You could say we're very much on the… heh heh… we're… oh dearie me… wait for it… that we're… oh this is a beauty… we're very much ON THE SAME PAGE.


I've recovered now. We're just about to close the pledges where people can contribute material to the book so look out for emails from Unbound if you've pledged for those.

More news as it happens or afterwards at some point!


Darren's site

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Catherine Baldwin
 Catherine Baldwin says:

Thanks for the humorous interjection - my Thursday needed it as it's become rather spiteful and dragged on rather. I wish it would hurry up and become Friday…Fridays are always much more friendly. Hope yours is a good day.

posted 21st July 2016

Lisa Weston
 Lisa Weston says:

I don't want to put you under any (more?) pressure, but I'm expecting your book to turn up on my doorstep when I'm least expecting it and make me laugh even more than that joke.

(Disclosure: I'm sure it will.)

posted 21st July 2016

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