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Thursday, 30 March 2017


Be honest, you’ve probably forgotten that you pledged for my book once upon a time - possibly while we were still part of the European Union - so this blog post will come as a lovely reminder of something to look forward to. Yesterday was a distracting day, politically, for those of us in the UK, but for me it was rather momentous - we finally finished the final FINAL definitely final (final version 3) proofing on my book, finally!

This means the book will soon be off to ‘print’. Let me explain the process. With a lot of rubbing, each Letraset letter is carefully applied in the right place and a highly skilled artist will produce on each page tiny replicas of my pictures. It’s quite amazing when you think about it - they have to do this hundreds of times in every single book!

Despite this phenomenal quantity of work, the book is still scheduled to be with you in ‘early summer’. That means British summer, 2017, and as the first buds are appearing all over our fabulous British bushes and trees you know that’s not far away. Hooray!


PS Thanks, Steve, for reminding me I haven’t posted a blog for six months. I have been remiss.

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