A Vintage Picture Book of Swell Modern Moments

By Sarah Sumeray

Memes (and more) reimagined as old-timey cartoons

Monday, 14 December 2020

Gift vouchers now available!

With Christmas around the corner I'm now offering gift vouchers so that you can treat friends, family, pets and perfect strangers to a copy of my book - with their name featured within! (Ooooh).

Simply save and print out the snazzy voucher attached or email over to the recipient. I've also attached a link to it here. No need to even leave the comfort of your home. I can't think of a more original, personal, COVID-safe gift. Sure, I might be biased.

IMPORTANT: Once you've purchased the voucher, please log in to your account to manage the subscription and update the name that'll be printed in the book, otherwise it'll be yours! It's a very easy process which is laid out here.

Thanks for reading - see you in the next update! 

Sarah x

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