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September Update

Thursday, 14 September 2023

Hello Everyone,


We have reached 38% on our crowdfunding for Modernism Beyond Metro-Land, which is a great response, so thank you again, and if you know anyone who might be interested please tell them about the project. 


I wanted to let you know where I have been visiting recently for the guide, so I thought I would tell you you about two buildings which I found particularly interesting…

Welcome to Modernism Beyond Metro-Land!

Tuesday, 8 August 2023

Hello everyone,


First of all, thank you for supporting Modernism Beyond Metro-Land. In just over 24 hours we have already reached 14% of our target, an amazing response! I have been planning this book since the publication of A Guide to Modernism in Metro-Land, so it’s wonderful to see the project coming to life.


I have been working on MBM in earnest since March this year, visiting…

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