Mister Woodreeve's Reflection

By Robert Bluck

Can the secrets be unravelled if they share the impossible things they have seen?

Monday, 28 March 2016

Scientific or Supernatural

I’m really excited! This morning we reached 40% of the target, thanks to several generous supporters – and one anonymous patron in particular, who will definitely be the guest of honour at the launch party! You know who you are….

Thank you to everyone who has supported Mister Woodreeve’s Reflection so far, now from Japan and New Zealand as well as local friends from Northumberland.

Scientific or Supernatural – what does that mean? When Emma sees these impossible things, people who cannot be there – not just in the river, but in her own home as well – her family draw the obvious conclusions. It doesn’t fit with the laws of physics – so she’s been taken in by a trick of the light, or the strain of revising for her exams, or what we might delicately call hormonal imbalance. Perhaps she was tricked by someone else – or maybe she’s just lying, making it up to gain attention.

But when she explains it all to Mister Woodreeve, he takes a different approach. ‘You saw what you saw,’ he tells her. Science doesn’t have to demand that it explains everything. ‘Good science looks at evidence and seeks conclusions. If the evidence contradicts the way we normally see things, the real conclusion is…. we don’t know.’

Seeing the evidence of our eyes and ears, and not knowing where it leads – that’s what fascinates me here. Is Emma really deluded in some way, as her parents think? Or is there a hidden world under the surface of the ordinary Northumberland, which she can see but they can’t see – or won’t admit that they can see? All is revealed at the very end of course – but we still need more pledges to make that happen!

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