Mister Woodreeve's Reflection

By Robert Bluck

Can the secrets be unravelled if they share the impossible things they have seen?

Friday, 2 December 2016

Mister Woodreeve's Reflection - in print!

I've just heard from Unbound that they will soon be publishing my novel Mister Woodreeve’s Reflection in paperback as well as e-book format! This is great news for all potential readers who like to turn the page literally as well as digitally.

The e-book is almost ready and should be published in the next week or so. Again, my heartfelt thanks to all the lovely subscribers who have pledged to make this happen. Digital copies will be winging their way to you, with further copies available to buy.

Printing will take a wee bit longer, and just might be delayed by the festive season. Even publishers and printers take time off in December! So the paperback should appear by mid-January, and will hopefully be available in all good bookshops.

If you are reading about Mister Woodreeve’s Reflection for the first time, it’s a literary mystery with a hint of the supernatural running through it – set in rural Northumberland. It’s a story about secrets. For the title character, they are hidden in the past – but for the troubled family he meets, all the secrets are in the present.

When teenage daughter Emma starts seeing impossible things – people who simply can’t be there – her parents think she’s hallucinating. So the next time it happens, she doesn’t tell them. Is Emma going crazy? Or does she see things that the others can’t see – or won’t admit to seeing? Will they be brave enough to share these secrets – and to solve the puzzle Mister Woodreeve sets for them? Well… you’ll have to read the book to find out!








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Julie Gibbon
 Julie Gibbon says:

That's wonderful news Robert, many congratulations! How very exciting.

posted 5th December 2016

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