Mister Woodreeve's Reflection

By Robert Bluck

Can the secrets be unravelled if they share the impossible things they have seen?

Friday, 4 March 2016

A Hint of the Supernatural....


When I say Mister Woodreeve’s Reflection has ‘a hint of the supernatural running through it’, I don’t mean angels or demons, celestial or infernal beings. I’m thinking more of ‘beyond the natural’, beyond what we expect to experience.

The novel opens with Emma, an impressionable teenager, seeing something which obviously can’t happen – a young man walking unharmed out of a deep churning river. Is she mistaken, or deluded – or what?

As the story unfolds, Emma sees more impossible things, only a few feet away – people who she knows simply cannot be there. The first time she makes the mistake of telling her parents, which doesn’t go down well. They are in enough trouble without having a crazy daughter to cope with. The next time she chooses not to tell them – and she’s not the only one who chooses secrecy….

….I wanted to explore who different people react to highly unusual situations. Some assume everything has a rational explanation, while others can sense a hidden world – perhaps magical, perhaps dangerous – just beneath the surface of our ordinary existence.


Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail….there’s a new version of the video for you to look at, with a less funny-looking Robert introducing the novel. We seem to be stuck at 21% funding – a good start but a long way still to go. May I gently yet persistently invite you to tell all your friends about Mister Woodreeve’s Reflection? Many thanks!


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