Mind is the Ride

By Jet McDonald

An adventure through cycling and philosophy

Monday, 24 October 2016

Rock n Roll Tour (Part 3)

This autumn I have been to the "Rapha cc" cycling cafe in Manchester, "Pedalling Ideas," a hive of cycling conversation in Leeds and "Magazine Brighton," an ace indie magazine shop in, you guessed it, Brighton.

Magazine Brighton - photo by Stuart Langridge

As a result of all this touring, and with your support, "Mind is the Ride" is nearly seventy per cent funded. The blog below is a journal of these Autumn talks and a call to get your loudhailers out and roll the project past the seventy per cent mark. Here is a link where people can pledge https://unbound.com/books/mind-is-the-ride

Rock n Roll Tour (Part 3)

When I was shown into the high windowed room on the third floor of the Manchester Rapha cycling club I hadn't expected to find an original Eddie Merckx bicycle propped up behind me, an original Tour de France winner, complete with parts hand drilled out by Eddie Merckx to make it that bit faster...

My beast, "Bertle," looked like a tank floating above it. A clear case of tortoise and hare. Eddie's bike would definitely get past the finish line first but I like to think the tortoise tank would have pondered its slowness with philosophical clarity and set up a crowdfunding campaign...

You can see the full blog entry at https://jetmcdonald.com/2016/10/24/mind-is-the-ride-nearly-at-seventy-percent-funded/



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mike fitzgerald
 mike fitzgerald says:

Good to read about the visits. If you around Merseyside, can I recommend a visit to Mecycle in Ainsdale, Southport?
It's a really great project, good for bikes and bike repairs, has a cafe with seriously good food, especially cakes:) and is close by some really excellent riding to and along the huge beaches at Ainsdale, and the pinewoods which adjoin them.
Cannot recommend too highly.

posted 24th October 2016

Jet McDonald
 Jet McDonald says:

Thanks Mike, Mecycle looks excellent. And the suggestion of good food, excellent riding and huge beaches is hard to turn down. I'll see when I'm next up that way and will let you if I / they can fit in a talk. Would love to if I can.


posted 24th October 2016

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