Mind is the Ride

By Jet McDonald

An adventure through cycling and philosophy

Monday, 19 December 2016

One Hundred Percent Funded!

Dear All,

with the help of a generous pledge from a "secret admirer" we've been able to take "Mind is the Ride" to its crowdfunding target just before Christmas. I must offer deepest thanks to that "secret admirer" and to every single one of you. 

It's been a long and interesting journey, that in many ways echoes the original ride from Bristol to India; the generosity of friends and strangers,  the cross-cultural conversations, the highs and lows, the bags of bananas, the aching legs, the pounding heart, the lopsided glasses, the gorgeous views.

Anyone who rides a bike any kind of distance will know it's never an unsupported effort. We might kid ourselves it's us against the world but the reality is an unwinding gift of roadside kindness, invisible in the bags we carry like a neverending peanut butter and jam sandwich. 

So here's to you all!  We got there. I know this book will be a special part of our bookshelves.

As to the "mechanics" of getting the book out...I'll know more in the New Year and I'll share this with you as soon as I can, including how we'll be fulfilling all the different rewards, prints, goodie bags, bike rides etc...

Till then, a tilt of the head, a ring of the bell, a push on the pedals and a very happy New Year to you all.




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Robert Bluck
 Robert Bluck says:

Hello Jet
Many congratulations! I'm so glad you now have full funding. Our long-distance cycling is only in Britain, so I'm really looking forward to reading 'Mind is the ride'.
Best wishes, Robert Bluck

posted 19th December 2016

Paula Bowles
 Paula Bowles says:

Yay! Congratulations! What a lovely Xmas surprise. Can't wait to read it in the new year! X

posted 19th December 2016

Paul Gregory
 Paul Gregory says:

Glad to hear that you've got your funding Jet. Heard your talk about the book at the Pannier Weekender last April now can't wait to get the book to read.

posted 19th December 2016

Lawrence Kelly
 Lawrence Kelly says:

Great News Jet
Would be really happy if you would sign my copy please xx
Merry Crimbo and happy 2017

Best wishes - Lawrence Kelly

posted 19th December 2016

RyanBuildsBikes RyanBuildsBikes
 RyanBuildsBikes RyanBuildsBikes says:

Well done from the wheelbuilding shed :-).

posted 19th December 2016

Darren Mills
 Darren Mills says:

congratulations looking forward to the book

posted 20th December 2016

Jet McDonald
 Jet McDonald says:

Thanks Robert, Paula, Paul, Lawrence, Ryan and Darren (can't work out how to reply to you individually here - so let's be a team!) I couldn't have done it without you. I've met so many friendly faces along the way... at bike talks like Pannier cc, old pals in Bristol and now online. May your cycling adventures carry a big smile on your face into 2017 and I hope Mind is the Ride is a worthy and thoughtful companion. Jet

posted 20th December 2016

Dave Graham
 Dave Graham says:

excellent news! Really looking forward to reading it.

posted 21st December 2016

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